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SIGN UP / LOG IN / VERIFY CHECK The Newest Innovation in sending Payments.Powered by Deluxe and VerifyValidEmail a check instantly

For more information on eCheckPro, call us at 800-560-2242.

Advantage Business Equipment has been trained and certified by Deluxe and VerifyValid to offer the eChecksPro innovative paperless check program

The patented VerifyValid program protects the banks and sender against fraud

As a certified provider for eChecksPro, the experts at Advantage Business Equipment can answer any questions and guide users through the set up and implementation of the eChecksPro program

It's a legal check, they just endorse it and deposit it

Never print, stuff, and mail a check again

No account is required and they pay no fees

No need to get the payees mailing address or bank account information in order to send payment

Paying with eChecks - Businesses or individuals can send payments to anyone with only their email address

The payee needs no special equipment or a subscription to print and cash an eCheck

The receiver never has to share any private information and they can receive their legal check in seconds to deposit like any standard check.Receiving an eCheck - The receiver gets an email notice letting them know they've received a payment

They can print using any printer and take the legal secure eCheck to any bank to process

They click the link and print the legal check on any printer

EChecks pro allows you to send a check instantly to anyone with a valid email address!Secure - Patented anti-fraud technology byVerifyValidQuick - Enter the email, payee, amount then hit sendAffordable - As low as 0.49 per check Sign up today and get 5 eChecks FREE See how it works! With the eChecks online check payment system, anyone can send or receive an eCheck